React Native Debugging + Android Profiler + GPU rendering

I usually use three applications to do Android Client (and react native) profiling.

React Native Debugging

  1. Download and install the React Native Debugger from
  2. Go to your react native code directory
  3. npm install and then npm start to start the server
  4. Launch the app and go to the React Native page
  5. From command line, ‘adb -s your-device shell input keyevent 82’
  6. Choose ‘Enable Remote JS Debuging’ then you are free to go

Android Profiler

  1. View -> Tool Windows -> Android Profiler

GPU rendering:

  1. Developer Options -> Visualize GPU rendering (enable it)
  2. Developer Options -> Profile GPU rendering (On Screen as bars)
  3. device-2019-09-27-122205
  4. (fps frames per second)