Setup openstf on CentOS 7

  1. Firstly follow to install GNOME GUI for CentOS 7
  2. Follow to setup VNC Server (systemctl restart vncserver@:3.service)
  3. Use VNC Client to connect
  4. Install the requirements
    1. Node.js >= 6.9 (latest stable version preferred)
    2. ADB properly set up
    3. RethinkDB >= 2.2 (rethinkdb –bind all)
    4. GraphicsMagick (for resizing screenshots)
    5. ZeroMQ libraries installed
    6. Protocol Buffers libraries installed
    7. yasm installed (for compiling embedded libjpeg-turbo)
    8. pkg-config so that Node.js can find the libraries
  5. I have to use make build install most of the above softwares
  6. When you start your adb device, you need to choose Graphics as Software
  7. Whitelist all of the ports for 7xxx.
  8. stf local –public-ip –allow-remote