mitmproxy to setup http(s) for HTTP(s) Testing

Just used mitmproxy to test a new server. The purpose of the testing is, we are using a new server however before we switch to the new server we have to test it. Use mitmproxy to configure the proxy and then in the proxy host remap the server host with new ip in /etc/hosts.

Basic steps:

  1. install mitmproxy
  2. ensure all devices are connecting to the same network (say the same wifi network)
  3. ./mitmproxy –mode regular –listen-host your_host_ip
    1. huanglh-temp:mitmproxy-4.0.4-osx huanglh$ pwd
      huanglh-temp:mitmproxy-4.0.4-osx huanglh$ ./mitmproxy –mode regular –listen-host
  4. in your_host machine, update the new ip-server pairs in /etc/hosts
  5. in the clients, configure proxy to points to your_host_ip
  6. visit to install cert from your clients
  7. Monitor the http(s) from your_host
  8. Done