Code Contribution Reporter

I wrote a python script to generate some reports to reflect developers’ code contributions.

The code can be cloned from


  1. clone the scripts
  2. ensure you have Python 3 installed (from a windows OS. If you are running from a linux/Mac OSX machine, you may need to twist the script a bit to make it work (due to different new line in the output)
  3. update config.txt with your workspace information.
  4. run python or python You should have reports like below (index.html),
    1. code_report_1
    2. for every project you configure in config.txt, you should see the same items as above are generated. *-piechart* is reports in the form of pie chart. *-linechart* is reports in the form of line chart. The date before .html in the names is the date the reports are generated.  *-1-month-ago* means the report is for last last month.

pie chart for project ‘first’ since 1200 months ago (100 years ago… so it means since the init commit)


line chart for project ‘first’ in the past 1 year.


(the javascript to generate reports are from and