Fiddler it

  1. install fiddler and then install its addon fiddler cert maker. Reboot your fiddler and you should see, see—certificates-in-fiddler for the reason.
    1. fiddler1
  2. Use fiddler to capture http/https connects.
    1. launch your fiddler. Ensure your cell phone and your desktop are using the same WLAN.
    2. Get your fiddler proxy (man-in-the-middle).
      1. fiddler2.PNG
      2. fiddler3.PNG
    3. Go to your cell phone to setup your proxy using as proxy.
    4. Open your cell phone’s browser, visit and click ‘Fiddler Root Certificate’
      1. fiddler4
    5. You are ready to go.
  3. Use fiddler to mock a slow internet speed.
    1. go to Rules -> Customize Rules…,
    2. fiddler5
    3. Tick Rules -> Performance -> Simulate Modem Speeds.
    4. Go
  4. Use AutoResponder to mock response. For example, replace “https: //” with my favorite Homer.
    1. drag and drop to AutoResponder window. Configure it as below,
      1. fiddler6
    2. Ctrl+F5 to force a fresh of You should see (very sexy, baidu-style naturally)
      1. fiddler7
  5. Use fiddler to mock a response. For example you are doing test case development for restful API however it is not ready. You mock it with fiddler.
    1. fiddler8
    2. Configure it
      1. fiddler10
    3. ctrl+F5 agian
      1. fiddler9
  6. Use ‘bpu URL’ to modify http request