Intelligent Tester

I think as a software tester (software engineer in test), doing the below things are NOT enough at all.

  • File a bug with detailed test steps, and how it failed.
  • Upload logs files,  provide info about environment, paths used, specific product build, etc
  • How to reproduce

As a software tester, I think s/he should be able to

  • Understands the Dev code and traces the bug to it’s source.
  • Spins up his own builds, adding in more logging or error messages to get more information.
  • Recent tester change sets are carefully reviewed to find the exact line that caused the regression.

And the ultimate goal is, software tester should be able to fix a product bug. I called it “Intelligent Tester” 🙂

In my career as a tester, I am always in the pursuit of this ultimate goal. The below is one of my examples. This example is about, I found one bug in the JDK9 and JDK10 client component and then I raised the bug.


I dug into the produce code and found the root cause. I raised a Code Review to fix it! The JDK10 product has my fix!