EBS-admin JJB template

This page is Under Edit.

I am going to write a JJB template to experience deploying daily EBS adadmin activities on Jenkins.

My Goal is ASA an EBS OVM (Oracle Virtual Machine) instance is created, machine owner can run the JJB deployer to deploy the EBS adadmin activities as a set of jobs on Jenkins. In this way, people can do EBS adadmin activities via Jenkins on one go.

My Target: The following EBS adadmin activities should be implemented on this JJB template,

  • Run AutoConfig on DB/Apps Tier
  • Enable/Diable tablespace Auto extend
  • Tech inventory report on DB/Apps Tier
  • Invalid objects report
  • Compile invalid objects using UTLRP
  • Startup/shutdown mid-tier services
  • Startup/shutdown db and listener
  • TBD