Duke – Java Web Server

I assembled a core Java Web Engine named as Duke. Duke is a light weight Java Servlet Container. I use it to refresh my Java skills/Design Pattern and to understood how Tomcat works.

Basically the code here was extracted from Tomcat Server.

Detailed info
* A Simple Servlet Container in Java: http://luohuahuang.com/2013/08/15/a-simple-servlet-container-in-java/
* façade pattern: http://luohuahuang.com/2013/08/15/facade-pattern/
* Singleton pattern: http://luohuahuang.com/2013/08/16/singleton-pattern/
* Java Thread: http://luohuahuang.com/2013/08/17/java-thread/
* Tomcat Connector: http://luohuahuang.com/2013/08/18/tomcat-connector/
* Tomcat Servlet Container: http://luohuahuang.com/2013/08/18/tomcat-servlet-container/