IT Certifications in RE

In this post I will share my experience in IT Certifications and what certifications are good for Release Engineering, and also I will introduce my experience in preparing the exams.

Let me explain why we need to take IT Certifications in our careers.

As a release engineer, we have to involve into a lot of technologies and it is impossible that we can master all of them. We release engineers are generalist in technologies stacks but not a specialist in one or two technologies only. However we can still pick up some of the important technologies to study. For example, if in your daily work you have to do a lot of works pertaining to Oracle Dataabse, then why not prepare exams to take a certification in Oracle Database? It is a very good way that study by taking exams and it is a also a good way to have a systematic study.

Every big IT company will have their certification exams and paths. Below I will take Oracle Company as example,

For Oracle University, it has 8 categories exames.

1. Industries

Oracle Retails, Oracle Insurance, Oracle Tax Applications, etc. I think exams in Industries are more functional-related so I don’t recommend you to take.

2. Applications

Oralce EBS, Oracle Fusion, Oracle Siebel, etc. Here it is not too much functional related but an Apps DBA role. I recommend you to take one if you have time. For myself, as I am working for EBS, then I got myself Oracle EBS AppsDBA certified. This helped my daily work in EBS system administration.

3. Java and Middleware

Java Programmer – SCJP, Java Web Component Designer – SCWCD, etc. Here it is more development and I strongly recommend you to take one or two exames here. For myself I took Java Programmer and Java Web Component Designer certified and they helped me a lot in my daily build/release activities. I don’t think now I am a professional Java developer but I am a very professional build engineer in any OO-languages applications! Hereby, I am reiterating here that a certification in this category will definitely help you do a good job in Release Engineering. I also have plan to take a certification in Weblogic.

4. Database

Database Assistant, Database Professional, SQL developer, etc. Nowadays all of the applications are based on a rational database so I am strongly recommending that you take one certification in Database. For myself, I took the Oracle Database Professional Administrator.

5. Operating Systems

Oracle Linux Administrator, Solaris Networking Administrator, etc. I am preparing a Linux Administrator exam.

6. Virtualization

Oracle VM. I think it is IT job and not necessary to take.

7. System

Exadata, Servers, Storage. I think it is IT job and not necessary to take.

8. Foundation

Oracle IT Architecture.  I think it is IT job and not necessary to take.

How to prepare a certification?

1. Firstly visit the exam website to know the exam contents and the certification path. For example, for EBS AppsDBA certified, it requires a certified in Oracle DBA firstly. So if you want to get EBS AppsDBA certified, you need to prepare the Oracle DBA firstly.

2. Prepare material. You can buy a book from online bookstore. Basically you need to spend 2 months to understand the material.

3. Search for an exam dump from internet after you finish the material and just two weeks before you take the exam. It will help you pass the exam.

4. Take the exam.

Material recommended:

1. for SCJP:

SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 Exam 310-065

It is very easy to find an exam dump for SCJP. But for myself I didn’t need a dump to pass the SCJP exam as I had enough time to prepare it because I passed it when I was at university.

2. for SCWCD:

Sun Certified Web Component Developer Study Guide (Exams 310-081 & 310-082) (Oracle Press)

I didn’t see a dump in internet for this exam. But for myself I also didn’t need a dump to pass the it as I had enough time to prepare it because I passed it when I was at university.

3. for OCA/OCP:

OCA/OCP Oracle Database 11g All-in-One Exam Guide with CD-ROM: Exams 1Z0-051, 1Z0-052, 1Z0-053 (Oracle Press)

It is very easy to find a dump about OCA but I didn’t see a dump for OCP in internet. I passed OCP with scores 70% and the passing score is 66%. Almost died.

4. for EBS AppsDBA:

I didn’t have a book or dump for it but it is very easy and all are related to my daily work so I passed it with a fly colour score. 🙂

Go, for certifications. 🙂