Code Quality Control – Session

Code Quality Control

I ever had a code quality control session with new hires (Dev & QA) and introduced code quality control, tools, analysis and metrics to them. Below is the agenda.

1.Code Quality Control Introduction
2.Code Analysis & Code Metrics
3.New Tools for Code Analysis – Gendarme & Sonar
4.Code Review  Process
5.Q & A
Basically if you are new and interested in Code Quality Control, you can learn from below aspects,
1. The concept of code quality control
2. Learn code analysis and metrics
3. Tools to do code quality control. Like static code analysis (PMD, CheckStyle, NDepend, NCover, etc.) and dynamic analysis like Findbugs, if you like you can also deploy a code analysis platform – Sonar. And study how to configure them.
4. Discuss how to customize the metrics with developers, tech lead.
5. How to integrate them into your build pipeline.
Click Code Quality Control – Session to download. (I had removed those pages and contents pertaining to the company for its company policy) — (Oops. sorry it seems it is unavailable from mainline China due to GFW)